Careers in the Environmental Sector


Have you ever considered working in the environmental sector? 

If so, don’t forget to put the following event in your diary:

Date: Wednesday 2nd March, 2011

Time: 1-5pm

Venue: University Place

We have invited a range of professionals who work in the sector to join us, giving you the opportunity to find out directly what it takes to work in this important and competitive sector.

You will have chance to hear about people’s experiences and to ask questions that will help once you have completed your degree. Have you ever wondered…What sort of work experience counts?  How important is postgraduate study?  What can I do whilst at University to set me apart once I have finished my studies?

Our guests come from a range of occupational areas, both technical and non-technical, and will provide an invaluable insight into the range of opportunities in environmental work.

Please note that the event is for information only and is not a recruitment event.

Sign up online at:

(Search f0r the event within in ‘Careers Fairs and Events’ section – Event ID 301)


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