Transferable What?

Dean Webster (Student Blogger)

I’ll start this blog post just like I started the last one: with an apology. Sorry I haven’t written in so long, but I honestly haven’t given careers much thought, let alone this careers blog. I’ve been so busy with uni work: writing lab reports; writing a dissertation; revising for exams and procrastinating (a necessary part of revision), that I’ve forgotten that the whole point of this degree is to get a career! Whoops.

However, I have been adding to my employability, and this is (sort of) what this blog entry is about.
“Transferable Skills”

It sounds like a buzz word (well, phrase) that school teachers use to make students do extracurricular activities , but what actually is it?

Our own Careers Service describes it as: skills developed through experience, which can be used in the workplace.I take part in societies, volunteer in the student and local community, am a student rep for my course, so whilst I thought I was “ignoring” my future career prospects, I was actually creating and strengthening my paths into these careers (if that makes sense).

So when it comes to the infamously difficult job hunt, I can hit the ground running (another buzz phrase, sorry).  To sum up;  it is important that we spend a lot of time and effort on our Uni work but its equally important that we dedicate time to gaining these skills which benefit us in our jobs and our lives.

Anyway, I’ll finish this blog entry much like I finished the last one: I’m off to watch the Only Way Is Essex.
Next week, I’m going to the Insight Into Broadcasting and Journalism course (yes, I know, I do a science degree), so will report back from there.

Learn more about transferable skills from:


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