What are you doing this summer?


Another University year is almost over (well, once those annoying little things called exams are out of the way, I suppose)….and with all this glorious sunny weather we’re having, it’s made me think about my plans for this summer – have you thought about yours?

A well deserved holiday maybe?

A few lazy afternoons in a beer garden?

A long overdue catch up with friends and family?

Great – definitely all of the above – but did you know it’s not too late to apply for a summer placement? Whether you fancy working in industry or the public sector, getting some experience in marketing, IT, the media or maybe something else – there are still placements up for grabs! There are even a number of opportunities to work abroad – work experience and a holiday in one – bonus!

Take a look at www.manchester.ac.uk/careerslink  New vacancies are added all the time…..

Yes, summer placements are a great way to boost your CV, learn more about what different careers really involve and make some money but…if nothing catches your eye…why not think about other ways to spend your summer and still develop essential skills employers look for.

Think about volunteering or maybe arranging some informal work shadowing.  Don’t forget that part time jobs are a valuable way of learning new skills too.

It doesn’t even have to be a huge commitment (one week is better than nothing) – anything you can do to learn new skills will be a welcome addition to your CV and make applying to future positions much easier.

For more info about placements, volunteering & informal work shadowing  -what they are, where to look and how to apply, check out :



Enjoy your summer…


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