Exams, graduation and beyond.

Easter vacation – lovely long weekends and hopefully some nice weather, well it is Manchester but you can but hope!

If you are in your final year some of you may not be planning on coming on to campus now other than for your exams and hopefully for graduation, so what’s next ?

If you are on campus

April and May are usually pretty quiet so its a good time to:

  • Get help with your CV ready for summer and next year.
  • Think about future career options – many graduate schemes open in summer now.
  • Plan some last minute volunteering or a summer job to get some skills on your CV.

June & July

  • Often pretty busy so if you need an appointment plan in advance, especially if you are only here 1 day for graduation.
  • Watch out for a programme of events around the graduate fair in June, last chance until October.


  • Lots of folks are off enjoying themselves on holiday but we are still here, so pop in and say hi!

If you are not going to be around

  • Consider returning for the graduate fair 15-16 June.  Last opportunity to bag a graduate scheme for this year.
  • Find out if there are any fairs near you.
  • Book a telephone careers appointment to discuss your future plans.
  • If you are graduating this year, change your student email in portal to something sensible so that you can still access vacancies and services from the Careers Service.

What ever you do and wherever you are don’t leave it til October to take action, its crazy busy, all the deadlines come at once and you will be super stressed. 

 Everyone says ” why didn’t you tell us to come in earlier?” well this is me telling you.  (Is anyone listening?)

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