My career in… Social media

Tom is the social media campaign manager for Delineo, an advertising agency in Manchester.

What does that involve?

My job involves planning the social media marketing strategy for clients, including campaign development and management. This also sees me represent a number of clients on various social networks like Twitter or Facebook, as well as educating other companies about the benefits of using social media platforms to promote their services or products.  

What are you working on at the moment?

Currently, I’m working on the strategy for a B2B Twitter and LinkedIn campaign for a new client.

A normal day for any one client involves posting updates on various social platforms, replying to any comments and regularly writing and uploading blog posts. The role is also very analytical, and I spend a lot of time analysing website traffic from this social media traffic.

So how did you get to this point in your career?

After graduating from Manchester University in 2006, I started working in journalism, writing for a number of North West lifestyle magazines. I’d always wanted to do something with words, so put my English degree to good use with a staff writer position at a women’s lifestyle magazine. After a year there, I moved to another magazine as deputy editor.

Gradually though, I grew a little jaded about journalism and branched out into freelance copywriting, eventually moving to an SEO agency in Trafford. During my time freelancing, I became interested in using social media to promote my services; using forums and online recommendations to attract new clients and gain more commissions.  It was cheap, helped me form relationships with clients and was relatively quick.

This experience sat nicely with my copywriting work at the search company and I began to manage the various social media accounts which the company ran. After a year and a half in that particular position, I moved to my current role, which is solely devoted to social media campaign management.

What are the highs & lows?

Seeing a campaign succeed is always the highlight. When you got an online community talking to or about a company and its products, you know you’ve done something right.

What training or experience are essential to get in?

A knowledge of social media is, obviously, essential. Understanding how to use various social platforms for marketing would be a strong start and a complete understanding of each site and its various features is essential.

A degree with some marketing element involved would also be quite advantageous, although I wouldn’t call it essential.

A keen interest in new platforms, trends and news is important too. You need to see new opportunities for clients and knowing about emerging sites and trends is key.

What about attitude, personality or interests?

  • Be creative. It’s essential to have new ideas about marketing your client in an ever-crowded market.
  • Have good judgement. You are the company’s voice online. Remember to act like it when talking to the public.
  • Be interested in people. Social media is all about connecting with customers; find content that your audience is interested in and engages with. 
  • Be analytical. Social media isn’t just about tweeting; you’ll need to have a brain for numbers and statistics if you want to measure the success of a campaign.  

How have you found opportunities in this field?

Manchester is a digital city and you’ll always find relevant bods to talk to at one of the many industry events. Get chatting to people of Twitter and LinkedIn to; introduce yourself to agency people and start demonstrating your interest in the industry.

These jobs are rarely advertised in the Manchester Evening News. Try or The Drum.

What advice would you give someone considering a similar career?

Get as much experience as you can. Start using Twitter and LinkedIn, open up a blog; demonstrate as much knowledge and enthusiasm as possible.  

I’d also recommend contacting agencies around Manchester and enquiring about placement programmes. Many companies have some description of social media offering and usually will be more than happy to offer you work experience of some kind.

You can find Tom and Delineo on Twitter

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