No clue about a career?

We hear all the time that students think the careers service is only for people who know what they want to do. NOT TRUE

We see lots of students who don’t mind admitting that they have finished their degree and are none the wiser about what they want to do next. (I was in that position myself)

So what happens?
Ok ring us or pop in and we will ask a few questions to find out which of our careers consultants would be the best match to your needs.

Many students say they have no clue, but when we talk to them they actually have some ideas they would like to find out more about. If that’s the case we can match you with an adviser who has more knowledge in those areas.

What if you are completely clueless?
Thats ok just tell us.  We might ask if you want to use your degree subject – but if you don’t its no big deal we can book you in with one of the consultants who specialises in getting started.

You might discuss:

  • If you have had any work experience – what you liked or disliked about it.
  • Any extra curricular activities or hobbies
  • Anything you might like about your degree
  • What sort of working environment you see yourself in – what matters to you, work life balance.
  • What sort of company you might be interested in – big corporates, small businesses, public sector, not for profit etc.

These things all build a picture of what matters to you and the types of skills you might want to use in a job.

Many people rule jobs out as “not for me” without really knowing much about them so you may look at ideas that you had never previously considered.

It will probably be a start not a solution.  You will be expected to do some thinking, and are likely to go away with a list of things to do, so if you are leaving Manchester try to come in well in advance.

Why not come in over summer to get a head start on the year ahead.

Don’t want to talk to someone yet – what can you do yourself?

  • Try Career KickStart – it will help evaluate how far along you are with your career planning and give you some suggestions of things to investigate.
  • Try Prospects Planner  – It asks lots of questions and will match your responses with job roles where those things are important. ( Love it or hate it – it is useful to see the results in the context of a careers appointment too.)
  • Consider options with your degree – you can look at direct or vocational options with your subject or find out what people have gone on to do afterwards.  You don’t have to follow the crowd but it can be interesting to see where other people move on to  after doing your degree.
  • Read our self awareness handout – it will help you think about your priorities.

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