Interested in starting your own business?

An exciting opportunity for students and graduates in Manchester in a couple of weeks time.

The Start-up Britain Summer Bus Tour will be visiting Manchester Science Park from 1-4pm on Wednesday 24th August.

For those interested in setting-up their own business or going freelance, this is an ideal opportunity to meet the experts, find a mentor and network with local successful entrepreneurs.

Register your interest at

On board the bus will be the following:

  • Business experts – giving advice on everything from opening bank accounts to trading online, sourcing insurance, managing money, tech set-up and sorting IP
  • Star local entrepreneurs – who will speed mentor small businesses
  •  Local award winners – from Barclays Take One Small Step, Shell Livewire and other small business competitions
  • Media – as we run a session called ‘Meet the Editor’, where small businesses get tips from local editors on how to get into the local press
  • Small business authors – from the local area
  • A travelling small business shop and library – with many great business resources
  • StartUp Local champions – meet those who are helping launch StartUp Britain in local areas
  • Prize give-aways – every day, with a chance to win a Dell laptop
  • Members of the StartUp Britain founding team – ask them questions from about the future of the campaign to how you might get involved

 Plus much more!


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