A degree is not enough!

Sorry if you are just about to start your degree but this is the harsh reality!

In a recent article Sonja Stockton, director of recruitment, PwC, said:
“Applying for a job can actually begin years before sending off a CV or filling out an application form. Volunteering, positions of authority and working in the wider community are all ways students are becoming more strategic in building their experiences, galvanising their CVs and getting onto their chosen career path. School and college students need to be savvier and think more long-term about their broader experience because good exam results are no longer enough to be distinctive.”

“The graduates of tomorrow absolutely need to adopt a new set of skills and approaches in their approach to employment. In the past, having a degree was strong currency and some thought it was all you needed. But now with university being the academic pursuit of many, the value of a degree is perceived differently.”

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Recruiters like PWC are not alone. Even if your degree is vocational and you feel it has given you all the knowledge required for a job you can’t take it for granted.  

You may find attitudes to your degree can be quite old fashioned, based on the days when only a few percent of the population went to university, things have moved on. In 2008 it was reported that around 30% of the UK population have a degree, thats about a third of a million graduating each year with a first time degree. 

Today most employers want to see you demonstrate practical skills on your CV or application so that they can evaluate whether you can do the job. The fact is there will always be other applicants who have gained some skills through extracurricular activites, volunteering or work so you need to be able to compete.

It really doesn’t matter whether you are just about to start your degree or have just finished your degree, you need to take action to improve your employability.

Check out our pages on ways to improve your employability and getting work experience

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