Forget Deadlines…

… well, at least when it comes to applying for jobs. Opening dates are the new deadlines.

If you’re a finalist and hoping to join a graduate scheme next year, you might be wondering…..when do I need to start applying?

Now. The earlier the better. Many graduate schemes have now opened for 2012 entry. So, whether you’re interested in finance, marketing, IT or something else, log into CareersLink to find further details.

Most importantly, don’t hold off applying because you think you’ve got oodles of time before the deadline.  Don’t delay, get your application in as soon as possible after the opening date.

Why? Here’s 3 great reasons why…

1. Many employers will close their schemes (without warning) as soon as they’ve received ‘enough’ applications. Graduate schemes attract a high number of applications and therefore you may miss out if you leave it until the last minute.
2. Employers do not wait until the deadline to read applications. They will interview as soon as they see a good applicant and will organise assessment centres as soon as they have a few good applicants. It’s common for jobs to be filled well before the deadline.
3. Getting your application in early is a great way to make your application stand out from the rest. Your enthusiasm and organisation skills will impress employers and suggest you’d be the type of person that they’d want working within their organisation – it looks like you really want to work for them!  Think of the first impression you create if your application arrives at one minute to midnight on the deadline day…

And remember, there are plenty of graduate level jobs available outside of the bigger graduate schemes but don’t forget, opening dates are still the new deadlines!


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