Am I employable yet?

It can be difficult to evaluate your own CV.  Would someone employ me?  What have other people got that I haven’t?

Employers are looking to see if you can do the job they are advertising so they need to see some evidence of skills. Here’s a check list of some things you could do that would look great on your CV.  Categorised under some typical CV headings!

Extra curricular activities or activities and interests

  • Pass leaders, peer mentors, student coordinators.
  • Student / facultly liaison officer for your course.
  • Active membership of student societies – usually at committee level. Organising events, trips, socials etc.
  • Join the J.C.R. or Residents Association at a hall of residence – roles include sports coordinator, chair person etc
  • Environmental representative  at  hall of residence
  • Sports captains etc. Organising matches and socials.
  • Hobbies – but not reading and socialising please!  Something that actually requires committment.
  • Even travelling can count if you are organising the trip for a group, or are working your way round the world. Gain – cultural awareness, languages, an insight into …

Work experience / Employment

  • Graduate internships e.g. MGIP (Manchester Graduate Internship Programme)
  • Internships / placements (May be part of your course like a year in industry or a semester abroad or you may be able to interrupt your studies for a year).
  • Vacation schemes – also refered to as placements. Usually summer though there are a few companies that will do short schemes at Easter or Christmas vacation.
  • Vacation  Jobs – Could be things like summer play schemes, Camp America or literally any job you do in your vacation – full time or part time.
  • Part time jobs – there are few on campus options so look around Manchester and the surrounding districts.
  • Bars on campus – working in a hall of residence bar.
  • Working in a family business.
  • Sabbatical positions in the  students’ Union. Usually after you graduate.
  • Work shadowing – unpaid usually for a very short period to learn about a job or industry.
  • Mini pupillages – legal work experience
  • Employer insight days. Usually a 1 day event with a group of other students from all over the country, pretty competitive but an excellent foot in the door to help secure more experience.

Volunteering (can be part of work experience or a section on its own)

  • Working for a charity, charity shops, nightline, conservation work, befriending etc.
  • MLP challenges
  • Pass leaders, peer mentors, student coordinators.
  • Fundraising – e.g. organising an event for charity.

Don’t forget you gain skills as part of your studies

  • Group work and projects.
  • Dissertation research – surveys, analysing data, research skills etc.
  • Presenting information to groups.
  • Prizes or awards for academic excellence.

If you can get a few from each category they you have the start of a well rounded CV.


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