What skills do I have?

My colleague, Sarah, recently wrote a great post ‘Am I employable yet’ which talked about all the good stuff you can do to get a good CV during your time at Uni.  Following on from this, I’ve recently discovered an excellent, completely rewritten section of our website all about Employability Skills, which I really wanted to tell you all about.

Why? Well, because when I speak with students, I often find that they do have some great things to put on their CV (they just don’t always know it…), and they sometimes find it difficult to link the things they have done with the employability skills it has helped them to develop. This is what employers want to hear.  It’s not an easy thing to do and this is why the careers service has developed these new pages to help you out a little bit!

What I think is really good about these pages is the Employability Audit.  Here are a few reasons why you should take a look:

It highlights many of the common employability skills employers look for and connects you through to activities you can get involved with to show this skill. It’s also great interview prep to fill in the audit e.g. when you’re faced with a difficult question in an interview such as ‘Tell me about a time you have shown flexibility’ you can quickly think of an example.

It also assists you to identify employability skills you already have and maybe the skills you need to work on.  It’ll help to decide where your skills gaps are and give you ideas of how to fill these. (great for strengths and weaknesses questions in interviews too!)

Hope it’s helpful!


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