If you want to be noticed…

Be noticeable!

This might seem glaringly obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people struggle at doing just that! It’s all well and good saying “I want to work here when I’ve finished my degree”, but have you thought about how you’re actually going to get there? I’ve been thinking about the future a lot, recently, and it hit me: I need to get myself out there, people need to know who I am.

As a chemistry student, I know there are a number of opportunities available for undergraduate students such as myself: summer placements, internships and apprenticeships, etc. but it’s all about finding out what fits you. Look at what you enjoy most, what you’re really good at, what kind of thing you’d like to do for a long period of time, and start searching for something that will make you different, for something that’ll make you stand out from the crowd, because nobody wants to be a part of the background.

Take Tom Lehrer, for example: who would’ve thought that you could list the elements of the periodic table in a song?! He did it, and he’s famous for it. This might seem completely unrelated, but it just links in to a lot of the things I’ve been thinking about at the moment: what do I have, that makes me stand out?

And for those of you that haven’t heard the song, I’ll leave it here for you. 🙂

Heena Panchal – Student Blogger


2 Responses to If you want to be noticed…

  1. Andy Yang says:

    So what I’d like to know is, what have YOU done so far to make yourself noticeable?

    • heena913 says:

      Actually, I’m still doing things. I’ve been looking at, and applying for internships, placements etc, attending various conferences and talks given by different companies, and introduced myself to people there. I think it’s pretty easy to get going once you’ve gotten started, it’s the getting started part that’s a little more difficult.

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