A career in Journalism, it’s time to get started!

A little birdie told me to join Twitter

It is 11th November 2011, so technically I only have one hundred academic days left of university. Wow, what a daunting reality. I can see daylight at the end of the tunnel, it is small dot of light, but it is still visible if you look closely enough. The end is nigh, it is time to start thinking about ‘new beginnings’. Looking into the future can be very scary, but I think the opposite. It’s exciting! New experiences to be had, new people to meet! Do not assume the media’s apathetic view that we are the ‘doomed’ generation, throw off those shackles and be hopeful. Yes, times are hard. The economic downturn is meaning everybody is feeling the pinch, but there are still jobs out there. The world is not about to end. So with that battle cry of optimism, it is now time to think about what you want to do in the future.

So what do I want to do? Well for a long time, I’ve not had a clue, but thanks to the experiences gained with the Mancunion newspaper and Fuse FM radio station, I’ve had a mini breakthrough. Journalism and I seemed destined to meet, like Beckham and Posh. That sounds all too perfect, and it is. The truth is journalism is just something I really like and am determined to pursue. So my quest to become the ultimate wordsmith begins. What next then? I pause, scratch my head and wonder. Well, when an organised friend of mine mentioned the University of Manchester’s career website to be a useful resource, I decided to give it a look, and spotted a ‘Careers in Journalism’ talk coming up. Sign me up!

I wandered along to the Careers Service at Crawford House, not really knowing what to expect. I located the room successfully, entered and sat down quietly. The room was pretty silent with a trace of whispered conversation, this was a stark contrast to what happened post-talk. Louise Sethi (careers consultant) gave a presentation, and I found it to be very informative with lots of resources and tips given out. Representatives from the Mancunion newspaper and Fuse FM also talked about the opportunities available to students. I’ve been involved with both to some extent, but hearing them talk so passionately reinvigorated my excitement. To the present day, I’ve only written articles for the film section of the newspaper, but now I want to branch out and try my hand at music and sport writing too. I’ve already got my first concert to review. Woo! What really impressed me about this event was the chance it gave to like-minded people to connect. It was a hive of activity at the end, people were chin-wagging away or networking in business terms. Whether it be swapping contact details, or inquiring about the Mancunion or Fuse FM. I plucked up the courage and spoke to fellow blogger – Catherine May. She talked about the opportunities involved with Twitter and the power of the blog, and I couldn’t agree more with everything she said. I have my own blog, and because of my nervousness of people reading it, I limited the readership to close friends and family. This seems very irrational now, I mean why was I writing it if I didn’t want anyone to read it apart from the elite few? So with encouragement from Catherine and a change of mind-set, I’ve decided to put myself out there. My blog URL is michaellyons.co by the way, I like to babble on about films. I’ve also got new Twitter friends who are involved in the industry, and I aim to make contact with them. Just to prove the power of online social networks, the reason I got the opportunity to write for the undergraduate careers blog is because Helen Buzdugan (careers consultant) spotted me on Twitter and liked my blog. There you have it folks! Inspiration to you all. If I can do it, so can you.

Michael Lyons – Student Blogger


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