‘Tis the Season

The end of November and start of December is deadline time for all students. For third years like myself, it can be even more difficult with additional work going into grad scheme deadlines or in my case my masters application as I begin to find references, and write my personal statement. As I write this, I am in John Rylands library taking my head out of my dissertation books. I thought I would be juggling everything in this final year. My biggest worry was that taking this part-time volunteer job on top of university would cause my grades to slip. In fact, they have done the opposite and I have spent some time wondering how this could possibly work….

My theory is that thanks to the job, my mind is constantly switched on. If we can take one thing for granted it is that university teaches students how to multitask. When you find something you are passionate about, juggling seems less difficult to cope with and more beneficial. I am not going to lie, there are definitely sacrifices in your time, but when you do catch a well deserved break, the mug of tea is always sweeter! Setting up meetings with my tutors for feedback, or just generally talking with them about the year is something I truly recommend. Even if you feel like you don’t know what you want to do, different experiences can give you direction. I find that although I may be feeling the pressure of deadlines, I have never been more motivated in my life. This has made me the most productive I possibly have ever been. Remember, you are not alone in feeling the pressure before the end of the semester. There are always people you can talk to such as the careers department or even your tutors, who can help give you the direction you need to get motivated.

Priya Changela, Student Blogger

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