Science Careers Rock!

Last week I spent an evening in a room with about 2000 science geeks and I’m proud to say I’m one too.   Uncaged Monkeys – With Prof. Cox, et al completely rocked, but what was even more amazing was being with so many people with a passion for science.

Too often people feel scientific jobs mean jobs in research or in a lab somewhere, but science is all around us and scientists work in an eclectic assortment of roles.  Science is not one thing, chemistry , physics, biology, geology, zoology, mechanics, astronomy the list goes on which maybe explains why some students find it hard to think about  career options with  “SCIENCE”

So here are some places to start:

The obvious stuff:

Our award winning  website for those wanting to go into academic careers

Careers in R&D

Science careers – a good starting point if you really want a related career – not quite so hot on those alternative career areas.

Institute of Physics – not the most inspiring website to look at perhaps but some great information about career options  and skills. The information on other scientific careers is still limited.

Bioscience Careers blog – great for both alternative and scientific career suggestions and advice.

So maybe you aren’t going to be the next Brian Cox that doesn’t mean science has to be left on the shelf. These are just a few ideas for places to start looking for related career areas:

Careers in Scientific Information – includes scientific/medical writing, patent work, sales & policy roles

Some ideas on Oxford University Careers Website of alternative science careers

An interesting selection of job roles from Prospects in their Science Sector Guide.

Science Writer – profile

Science communication – handout from Bath Uni – (2009 so some of the links may be broken but some sound ideas)

Great ideas for public engagement with science – check the “who might I work with?” section for some ideas of the types of organisations who would employ you.

Find out about options with your degree or what graduates from your degree go on to do

And for those of you who want a complete break from science (at least for now) may I suggest:

Find out more about different career options

There are loads of jobs where a science degree could be useful or are open to any degree.  E.g. You could work in marketing, finance or HR in a scientific organisation (or any other organisation for that matter). If this is the direction you want to take you will need to start getting some related work experience and think about any experience you have already had to show evidence of the skills required for a new career area.

Check out our employability skills section

Feeling completely clueless – try Prospects planner find out what jobs you might be suited to.

 And yes come and see us !











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