Thought Facebook was only for fun stuff… think again!

Social Media is increasingly becoming a tool for recruiters and savvy job hunters alike.

According to the Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey, 92% of those hiring in 2010 were already recruiting or planned to recruit via social networks and of this group, 86% used Linked In, 60% used Facebook and 50% used Twitter to do this.

So, how can you use social media to help you bag your dream job?

Blogs– Following blogs such as this are a good way to find out about various opportunities and gain tips and advice on how to make yourself employable, how to make applications and find out industry specific information.

Similarly, for those of you interested in working in the creative industries, a blog is a good way of showcasing your talent and demonstrating an interest within your chosen industry.  You can attach a link to your blog on your CV and this will provide an employer with hard evidence of your skills and talents. However, if you are going to do this- make sure there is nothing on there you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see!

Facebook– Join our Careers Facebook group for your academic school to be the first to hear about relevant events, vacancies, internships, placements, training and further study.

 Twitter- The careers service twitter is a good place to find out information as soon as we hear about it, follow @ManUniCareers or @ManPGCareers for Postgraduate Careers Advice or @mcrmediaclub for the Media Club’s own twitter.

Similarly, many employers use twitter as a place to advertise jobs and work experience placements, therefore it may be wise to follow companies you are really interested in working for on twitter. Also search engines such as make searching for jobs on twitter easy for you!

Twitter can also be used to find out information about the industry you wish to work in, and you can keep up to date on industry news by following relevant bodies such as the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, for example (follow @IPA_Updates)

You can also use Twitter for networking, and to create your own opportunities. The following article on the Guardian website, which was written by a current Manchester student, details her experiences of using twitter to do this.

Our student bloggers also recommend Twitter, see these previous blog posts: and

Linked In- Although this is perceived as a resource for business people- Linked In can also help you get that first rung on the career ladder!

Helen has previously posted an excellent blog  post regarding all things linked in:

Here are my tips:

Fill in your profile with as many details as possible, such as your degree and extra curricular activities and you can add work experience and volunteering to the work history section, creating an online CV. By filling in your profile using key words this will allow people to search for you using these words- and who knows what opportunities may arise!

Further, you can join a wide range of groups which may allow you the opportunity to discuss key issues within your chosen industry with professionals and consequently provide a vehicle for networking. You can also use Linked In to research organisations and specific job roles.

Linked In can also be used to keep a track of people you have networked with, through work experience, careers events etc, and this allows you to maintain these relationships.

What are you waiting for? Get started with your social media hunt today!

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