3 Simple, Stress-Free Ways to Get Ahead!

Now deadlines have past, and with the Christmas break, everyone including myself must be feeling like this:

The best thing you can do now is breathe, step back and relax. I have realised you can do this and still be productive. Here I have compiled 3 little things you could do to get the most out of the break, before revision kicks in:

1) Get Twitter – Not only is it a useful tool to find jobs and volunteering opportunities but equally for networking. Trying to get into the field of international development, as I am, is difficult without keeping up with development updates that cannot be found in the news, and if you have a few things to say yourself, people in the field will begin to follow you. Your employers are most likely to have a look. For an example, mine can be found here.

2) Update your CV – Creativity can go a long way. Even something as simple as changing your layout to highlight your key attributes, can be enough for your creativity to stand out. Right now I am on the couch, listening to music with a mug of coffee, re-designing the layout and fixing a small section on my career objectives and the individual qualities that make me stand out from others.

3) Research your Interests – Recently, I have been thinking, what really interests me? This could be anything from a hobby to something related to the field you are interested in. Once you have something in mind, then search for articles, books, reports and even possible volunteer opportunities related to this. You could even start a blog and have a say on your findings. In this way, you will get a bigger picture into the work and have an enjoyable experience in the process. Equally, your passion will shine through to employers.

In this way, getting ahead doesn’t necessarily have to be a tedious task. When you have a passion for something, the usual tasks can become a way in which you can unwind.

Priya Changela (Student Blogger)

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