Feedback (1) – You say, we say….

We are always listening to your views and you come up with some really good ideas, which where possible we do implement.

We don’t often feed back to you to tell you why we do things the way we do or why we don’t do them for that matter. 

We are frequently asked if you can book appointments online, simple yes?

Well actually no, there are 2 really good reasons why not at the moment.

First a few statistics – you may not realise how many appointments we actually do, maybe it doesnt look that busy?  From Sept – end Dec there were 22,801 visits to the Careers Centre and we had 4226 appointments.

  1. Supply and demand – demand for appointments is far greater than we can supply at peak times.  We need to talk to you to work out if you need an appointment and what type you need (triage).  About 50% of questions can be answered by the information team immediately so many students don’t even need to have an appointment.
  2. Specialist advice – to give you the benefit of in-depth advice our careers consultants specialise in different career areas. By discussing your needs with you in some detail we hope to match you with the most effective person for your specific query.

 So far we haven’t found an online system that can beat a quick chat for working that out!


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