What do you want?

A job at the end of your degree is what you’re looking for. Ideally, you want to graduate, and go straight into work, cut out the awkward ‘waiting time’ in the middle. You want to get your interviews and applications in early, get everything up and running as soon as possible… but what is it you actually want from a career?

I’ve been looking through some options for when I finish my degree. The job descriptions under some titles are really inspiring, but then you take a peek at the salary and you’re back to square one again! It’s a vicious circle – I’ve been wondering whether I’ve got my priorities all wrong – is it silly to want something that gives you a good salary, or a better earning potential?

And then it hit me! It’s not that I’ve prioritised wrong – it’s that I’ve not prioritised well! Looking into all of this has really make me wonder whether the salary is most important thing to me… and so what did I do when faced with a problem as such? Make a list. A lovely list compiling the pro’s and cons of a high paid job I enjoyed less than an averagely paid job that was right up my alley!

I think what I’m getting at here is – it doesn’t matter whether you’re like me, and you want to do something you’re going to love regardless of the pay, or whether the money is the thing that has to be right – make up your mind. It’s not that you can’t have both, but usually, a compromise is needed, so figuring out what is right for you is definitely the way forward. Confused? How about making a list? Talking to the career advisors? Parents, family, lecturers, tutors… they’ve been there before, and I doubt they’d do anything but help you out!


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