When is it a good time to use the Careers Service?

Students are often suprised that the day they choose to come in we are busy and they ask when it would be quieter?

Ok so this is for those of you who want to plan ahead – the patturn is the same every year.  Really busy Sept – Dec, quiet in the vacation and exam periods and just mediumly busy the rest of the time.   It’s pretty much what you would expect given when many application dates open for graduate schemes & internships.

So when is it a good time to start planning my career?

The answer is usually – immediately if not sooner!  The sad fact is that most people put off thinking about their future until they absolutely have to.  It’s scary stuff, but it gets more scary the longer you leave it.

Unfortunatly that means that everyone comes in in at the start of Semester 1, and there is a mass panic as everyone realises that they:

So IF you want to get ahead pick one of the dips in the chart above and plan to get started then.  So now ( April) would be a good time!

Your final year is not the best time to be trying to cram all this in, so ideally get started in your first year, getting a few basics in.

  • Write a CV
  • Apply for a part time job
  • Volunteer
  • Join clubs and societies and be actively involved
  • Arrange work shadowing, mini placements or insight days for your vacations.

If you have not done any of the above its probably time to get started. If you are in your final year and are seeing this for the first time – then it’s probably time to book a careers appointment!


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