Summer bursaries and internships

You probably already know how important work experience can be to your future career. You gain experience, confidence, skills, networks and much more. To help you make the most of this summer, the University is piloting a new Summer Internship Programme.  The internship programme has two key features:

  1. Internships that the Careers Service will work with employers to generate and promote
  2. A bursaries programme to support students who want to do an internship

Bursaries will be available to help students access either internships generated by the Careers Service, or internships that they generate themselves. For example, if you have already secured an offer for work experience this summer, you may be worried about how to afford it; perhaps the job is either low paid, or even unpaid, or based somewhere where accommodation or travel costs are expensive. We will be offering a number of bursaries (worth between £50 – £800) to help students undertake work experience this summer, because we know how vitally important it is for your career. The bursaries can be applied towards full-time or part-time work, in any sector, and will be awarded through a competitive process.

You will need to apply and give us information on the internship you are planning to undertake, how it may benefit your career and why you feel you should be awarded a bursary.

Full details about the internship programme and how to apply for a bursary will be published in May. Think you might be interested? Then please register your interest today.


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