Landing a Job Requires Good Luck or Hard Work?

Guess what? We’d love the answer to that one as well.

That’s why we’ve just launched a short survey (with prize draw for £50 Amazon vouchers) to find out what you’ve done before, and during, your current degree to improve your chances of moving into a great career.

To complete the survey, click here.

We’ve also asked whether you’ve already been offered a job or a place on a postgrad study course. This means that for those of you in your final year, we can see if there’s any link between doing stuff in the early years of your degree and later career success – or whether you can leave it all until the year before you graduate **.

The prize draw is open to current University of Manchester students (undergraduates or postgraduates), with four £50 Amazon vouchers up for grabs if you respond by 18th May.

** Worrying that you’re about to graduate without a job?
Don’t panic if you have left it all until the dying moments of your degree! You can launch a fabulous career at any time – you might just have a bit of gap while you get yourself sorted out.

For those about to graduate, focus on getting through those exams now – we’ll be ready and waiting for you as soon as you finish:

  • Vacancies coming in to the Careers Service normally peak in May & June (almost 650 full-time job ads on CareersLink at the moment)
  • Vacancies are starting to come in now for our Manchester Graduate Internship Programme (MGIP)
  • We’ve got a programme of summer careers events coming up, ready and waiting for you straight after your exams finish
  • You can still access the Careers Service for up to three years after you graduate
  • We’re even training up careers consultants to see you by Skype if you’re no longer in Manchester – watch this space.

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