Summer jobsearch act now #catsandcareers No3

The harder Tinkerbell looked the further away those jobs seemed
to get.

It seemed like an easier option to let it all wait till after exams. (or perhaps after a nice long summer snooze)

Did you know that May and June are actually the busiest months of the year for vacancies, but you have to act now!

Typically there are 2 main categories of recruiters at this time of year.

Smaller companies

Many smaller recruiters only advertise when they definitely know they will need staff in the year ahead.  They may only recruit 1 or 2 graduates a year and it’s a big deal. The opportunities with small companies are brilliant, but often they don’t get that many applicants because they are not household names.

When searching for jobs in careerslink its worth looking at the type of job and what it involves before you look at which company it is with. The most important thing is to get a foot on the ladder, you can consider moving on to a larger or different employer next time.

Graduate schemes 

Some of the larger graduate recruiters also advertise at this time of year.  They have finished all the early rounds of assessment centres and are now looking to fill those final places.  Hence why they attend all the graduate fairs.  If you are worried you won’t get a summer holiday – don’t be, many schemes will start later in summer or maybe in September.

Other options still open to you:

  • MGIP the Manchester Graduate Internship Programme – graduate level work on short term contracts.
  • PG study – For many courses there will still be places available – check with the individual institutions.
  • Summer jobs – to gain experience and improve your CV for next year.

You may feel that getting a graduate job is out of your reach or you can’t face thinking about it now, but there really is a deadline for getting graduate level experience starting this summer. 


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