Summer internships for University of Manchester undergraduates

You may be wondering what to do over the summer as well as catching up with family and friends, or working on some assignments for the new term. You may have already thought that you want to get a job to save up some money for next year at Uni, pay your rent over the summer or get some useful work experience to help you in your degree or with what you want to do after Uni?

One of the options worth looking into is applying for an internship. You can build up different skills and experience in a work environment, learn about a specific role or industry and with many of the internships advertised, get paid in the process, but always check what’s on offer!

The Careers Service has summer internships open to undergraduates with a number of different internships being advertised online as vacancies through Careerslink. Each internship needs a different set of skills depending on the role. Some are part time, some full time and they can vary in length from 2 -12 weeks.

So far we have had internships in fields such as engineering, sales and marketing, arts and museum work, business administration, IT, librarianship, recruitment, training and law. Don’t worry if you haven’t applied to vacancies so far, you haven’t missed the boat (yet).

It is worth checking regularly what is going on and any new internship that may have come online. What skills and experience does each employer want?  You can then decide if you can or want to apply. It’s good to remember there are always skills that you can gain from an internship that can help you develop yourself for your degree or for a future job after graduation.

If you search on Careerslink for summer placements and internships then you should find the internships available at the time. Make sure you check through the information carefully before applying and keep an eye on the closing date. It is easily done to work hard on an application and then submit it too late!

Bear in mind that if the job gets filled before the deadline the employer doesn’t have to look at your CV, so apply as soon as your final application is ready. So log on and check out the summer internships online as closing dates are coming up all the time and the internships won’t be there forever!

To read more about summer internships:

To access CareersLink as a student log on and search for vacancies:


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