Short term work experience over the summer

There are still some short term vacancies for over the summer, so if you don’t yet have any work experience sorted yet, then check out what is still available and apply before it is too late! Work experience of even a few weeks can give you an opportunity to develop your skills for both continuing your degree studies and preparing you for a job after your course.

Some companies offer up to four week placements or even part time work, which in some cases is longer term and could fit around your studies. Look through a variety of sources including local newspapers, job websites, through your own contacts or contacting employers direct, as well as firstly checking vacancies on the University’s CareersLink website.

One example of a current summer internship for undergraduates is:

Journalist Student Internship with the Red Army on CareersLink, Ref: 14089.

There are 10 part time Journalist positions available. This role needs interns who are inquisitive, excellent at writing for magazines and the web, relating with all kinds of different people, as well as having a cool head under pressure and absorbing information quickly. As the Red Army is a publication for Manchester United, it is important for this role to have an interest in the football club and football in general.

If the work experience is short term you can still gain valuable skills that are transferable to work and study, take some examples of transferable skills from this vacancy including:

Working in a team of other interns and journalists – team work is essential for preparing presentations, seminars, group projects and assignments for your course and needed for most jobs to work together to  resolve problems, meet a target or provide a service.

Building contacts and relating to all kinds of people – getting along well with others can help you as a team in your Uni work but also in work, for example, liaising with others for information, promoting products and delivering services to others, finding new business leads, as well as the opportunity to develop other key skills including negotiation or networking skills.

Good written communication is essential in every role including writing emails or reports, typing minutes, as well as helping you when writing essays, assignments and your dissertation.

Being cool under pressure is an invaluable skill to develop for any job has work deadlines meeting customer demands or set targets. Working well under pressure can also give opportunities to develop other transferable skills such as: managing your time well and being organised to prioritise your work.

To check out the latest opportunities login to CareersLink

To find out more about transferable skills see the Careers Service website.


One Response to Short term work experience over the summer

  1. leeadams889 says:

    Great post. thanks for sharing. I agree with you, summer jobs are really very beneficial for future job as well as we get experience and knowledge too about professional career

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