Free on 18 July at 12pm and want to earn £12?

June 30, 2011

Yes, the Careers Service is offering students the chance to earn £12 simply for sharing your views over a cup of tea and a biscuit!

You will spend 1.5 hours on Monday 18th July 12-1.30pm discussing what information could help you to learn more about ’employability skills’ and help us to develop content for the Careers Service website.

We are looking to get a focus group of 8-10 students / graduates to review a few websites with us, and then to find out what type of information you think could be useful. We want to know which websites you like (we will show you some to start the ball rolling), whether you watch videos on websites and generally how you prefer to interact with web content, for example forums, quizzes, news links.



No clue about a career?

June 22, 2011

We hear all the time that students think the careers service is only for people who know what they want to do. NOT TRUE

We see lots of students who don’t mind admitting that they have finished their degree and are none the wiser about what they want to do next. (I was in that position myself)

So what happens? Read the rest of this entry »

Graduate jobs for 2011 start – last chance!

June 10, 2011

Just finished your final year and not got a job lined up afterwards?

Each summer there are graduate fairs around the country where recruiters will be looking for recent graduates to fill the last places on their graduate programmes. 

Our Manchester fair is next week on weds and thurs so if you haven’t done so already get registered and get down there next week. 

Some of the roles will be local, many will be all over the UK and some may be overseas. Check out the lists of recruiters on the website its going to be a big one!

Our Manchester Graduate Internship Programme team will also be there is you fancy a graduate placement in the local area.

Miss it miss out!

My career in… Social media

June 2, 2011

Tom is the social media campaign manager for Delineo, an advertising agency in Manchester.

What does that involve?

My job involves planning the social media marketing strategy for clients, including campaign development and management. This also sees me represent a number of clients on various social networks like Twitter or Facebook, as well as educating other companies about the benefits of using social media platforms to promote their services or products.   Read the rest of this entry »

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